Welcome to Genee Explorer. Genee Explorer is a search engine tailored for children with custom developed graphics and animations to make searching the internet for information or images fresh and fun. Explore the internet in a fun, safe and category led style with links to key subject areas. View our colourful custom made child friendly graphics, search Google and Bing images and retrieve key information from Wikipedia. Turn on or off text labels to test a students ability to identify objects, places, people and things. Test your skills at identifying by learning to match the pictures and reveal the names to aid comprehension, memory and learning. Go on a digital safari and explore different animals online and discover the animal kingdom with the Genee Explorer Animals package. Discover and learn fun facts about mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, fish and aquatic animals, insects and minibeasts. Discover the technology that powers us through our Science and Technology content, the natural features that wow us through our Geography and Nature packages and explore the many things we may find on our planet and beyond.

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